If you want to visit Silk Road 2.0 then you will want to know that it was shut down by the feds on 5th November 2014 and the alleged operator “Defcon” has been arrested. Silk Road 3.0 has been live for a while now and has a lot of listings so it is worth checking out.

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Silkroad – Everything there is to know.

Firstly, if you are looking at content on the internet like this or even if you are like me and want to keep your information and details secure so no one else can know what you are looking at or doing then I cannot stress enough how important it is to start using a VPN service to encrypt your data and hide your location.


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Silkroad drugs assortment

Secondly, if you are after the full step by step instructions on how to get to the Silkroad then go to the home page or simply click here.

The Silkroad is an underground marketplace that is also known as the Amazon or eBay of drugs. It all started back in 2011 by someone who goes by the name of Dread Pirate Roberts who is fairly vocal in the opposition to the US drug policy. The name “Silk Road” comes from the ancient network of trade routes though places like Europe, India and China where various goods where traded such as Silk and spices to name a few.

Silkroad map

70% of the Silk road marketplace is dedicated to that sale of drugs such as Marijuana and Cocaine while there are various other categories and also a lot of legal products like computer equipment and books etc. Guns and other goods used to be sold on the Silkroad but they were taken off a couple of years ago and now they prohibit the sale of “anything whose purpose is to harm or defraud.” This includes child pornography, stolen credit cards, assassinations and weapons of mass destruction. Everyone that first hears about the Silkroad asks “How is it still on the internet?” “Why haven’t the authorities taken it down?” and the answer is because the Silkroad is hosted as a hidden service on the Tor network and can only be run on the Tor browser. If you put the Silkroad address into a normal browser like Google Chrome then it will not work. The Tor network and browser was initially created with funding from the US navy for spies and defectors to safely transmit information anonymously without having their details compromised. The US authorities would love to take the Silkroad Anonymous marketplace down but so far they have been unsuccessful and it has been a long while now so I can’t see it happening in the near future either.

The Silkroad website does not sell the items themselves as it is more like eBay without the auction. So there are the sellers (they have to pay to be able to sell) that list their products and show photos and give detailed descriptions and the price while there is also a section for feedback from others who have purchased the same product from them which is vital when looking for a reliable seller.

When buying anything off the Silkroad you can only pay with Bitcoins which is an electronic anonymous currency used that is relatively new but they are getting bigger and you can buy Bitcoins worldwide now, there are instructions how to do all of this on my home page. Once you have your bitcoins you can make a purchase using an escrow service which will act like similar to PayPal so that the seller only gets their bitcoins when you have received your goods.  Although it is rare, there have been a couple of instances where a seller has taken off with peoples Bitcoins and the buyer didn’t receive the goods, so be warned to always look at the sellers feedback and use an escrow service.  After you have purchased an item from the silkroad you give them an address for them to send it to and then it arrives a few days later in the mail. As it is delivery by mail there are risks involved in getting caught if you buy something illegal and if you purchase from a seller not in your own country then the risks also increase.

There have been a couple of reported prosecutions related to the Silkroad but hardly any considering the size and reach of this anonymous marketplace. There was one reported arrest made in Australia where the Customs agency found a package coming from another country containing drugs and followed it to the destination and arrested the man. The importation was found to be linked to the Silkroad as files were found on his computer linking him to the purchase. There are ways to minimize this risk that are outlined in the home page.

Silkroad drug dealer caught

There are definitely many elements of risk involved in buying anything illegal  from the Silkroad but the also many benefits like decreasing the risk a drug user has otherwise if buying it off a street dealer. For one there is always a chance of getting assaulted or robbed when buying drugs in person, on the Silkroad that is non-existent, some people say that a dealer on the Silkroad could just sell you anything like talcum powder but for starters that is what the escrow service is for and two you have their feedback and I don’t think that when you buy drugs off the street then there will be a lot of people that just had the same product from the dealer standing there telling you what the drugs were like.

I don’t recommend buying anything illegal from the Silkroad but if you would like to check it out for yourself then read the main post on the home page and you will be shown steps to take to access the Silk Road marketplace and remember to be as safe as possible with a VPN, store the files on a USB Flash drive so it can be easily hidden and think about using some of the software listed on the PC Tools page to keep all traces off your computer.

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Silkroad goods

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