How ICE Aided In The Silk Road Takedown

The United States Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, was recently discovered to have a hand in the seizure of the Silk Road marketplace.

In a special expose published by the immigration department, it was revealed how ICE agents had been an instrument in the takedown of the Silk Road back in October 2013.

Currently, ICE is heavily involved in taking down other criminals on the deep web.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Silk Road 3.0 is BACK ONLINE and open for business. The team did a massive security overhaul on the site to try and make it more secure and anonymous.

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ICE Collaborated with the Cyber Crimes Center

ICE aided in the takedown of Silk Road and how ICE is currently combating deepweb activity.
ICE aided in the takedown of Silk Road and how ICE is currently combating deepweb activity.

ICE’s extended reach into cyber crime has been facilitated by The Cyber Crimes Center (C3), who, according to their Deputy Assistant Director (DAD), Patrick Lechleitner is not at all scared by the darknet.

The DAD said that the sophistication of Darknet has been largely overestimated and that only special permissions are required to access the site.

Under the Department of Homeland Security, ICE is largely concerned with crimes taking place along the US border such as human and drug trafficking, and illegal immigration.

Despite that, the recently published report resolved the extended reach ICE has through The Cyber Crimes Center.

ICE’s Presence Instrumental in the Demise of the Silk Road

ICE was drawn into the DHS investigation named “Operation Dime Store,” leading to the seizure of the Silk Road.

This was after several small drug seizures were made at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport at the mail hub.

According to ICE, the seized packages were highly unusual because they were all sourced from international locations and were addressed to locations all over the United States, and were not commonly ship through the mail.

ICE was given a tasked with finding the source of the drugs and after intercepting and analyzing several packages, they traced that the drugs came from the darknet market and it did not take long.

Following the discovery, ICE dedicated all its efforts, they analyzed the fingerprints on the packaging to look for clues in tracking the drug vendors and where the site was hosted and made an undercover purchase to enter the website.

Investigations Spearheaded by SA DerYeghiayan

ICE agent SA DerYeghiayan spearheaded the investigations and enter the darknet market as an undercover agent and eventually became a top lieutenant the Silk Road website, said Lechleitner.

Throughout the investigations, Yeghiayan had played a vital role; he analyzed seized drugs, interrogated suspects, and collected evidence. He often included participation in arresting suspected vendors and was given an insight, perspective of the darknet market.

Expose explained that DerYeghiayanhan served as the lead witness in the Silk Road case in the US.

Ulbricht would not have been found guilty, without the agent’s work, ICE guaranteed Ulbricht’s double life sentence due to following criminal offenses: money laundering, smuggling of illegal drugs, continuing criminal enterprise, hacking, and fraud documentation.

Yeghiayan said that the most satisfying part of the investigation was blocking the website and putting an end through the dangerous flow of drugs and weapons across the world, but the most important is to shut down the website.

ICE’s victory over the Silk Road was the beginning of their adaptation to the deep web, according to their DAD Patrick Lechleitner.

ICE Perfectly Adapted To Take On Modern Cyber Crime

ICE reveals an expose that shows that they played a big role in the takedown of the Silk Road darknet market.

As the deep web criminal world continues to grow, so does ICE’s reach and their workload.

The ICE HSI is directly involved in the fight against criminal activity in the cyber environment.

As a criminal investigation unit, HSI fights criminal activity on the darknet one step at a time, the same way they do offline.

As Lechleitner put it, this market a new era in law enforcement and simultaneously symbolized the evolution of law enforcement agencies, which was unavoidable for them to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing technological world.

As any other crime, ICE believes that sites such as the Silk Road cause a danger to citizens as long as nothing is done to control it.

Darknet Sites Dangerous to US Citizens

Darknet sites affect the average citizen both directly and indirectly. American faces many risks of the activity taking place on the dark web, Lechleitner explained.

Darknet market relates itself to the personal identification of a US citizen being stolen, based on ICE. Furthermore, the injection of illegal drugs and weapons into the society eventually bears dangerous effects to the people by way of increased crime rates.

ICE’s DAD signed off with a threat to any deep web criminals, saying that their involvement with illegal activities on the dark web market will eventually be caught up with by the federal law enforcement, who are always on the lookout.

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Silk Road 3.0 – Back Online and Open For Business


Silk Road 3 has come back from the grave! The third iteration of the famous brand darknet market has surprised everyone and returned from the ashes and is open for business.

It appears that Silk Road brand has been on a bumpy road in its journey to deliver a free and open marketplace – every marketplace on the Deep Web trying to replicate the success of the original SR doesn’t last. The last that was thought to suffer from that fate was Silk Road 3.0 earlier this year. Round the end of January.

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It went down reportedly on account of some maintenance issues, after being DDoS attacked on several occasions. Of course, this stirred a lot of emotions and speculations among the users, and some have even gone so far as to claim the Silk Road 3.0 performed an exit scam on its users. Well, can’t you blame them – as it is so often the case.

Anyway, apparently people that thought that it was just a plain exit scam couldn’t be more wrong, because believe it or not – Silk Road 3.0 has been re-launched and running since Saturday, May 7th. Personally, I believe this must be a precedent of some sorts because – no Silk Road that had ever gone down for that long and for any reason, has ever come back online!

Another interesting fact is that Silk Road 3.0 and Crypto Market are both run by the same admins. Even earlier than when Silk Road 3.0 went down, Crypto Market went down for security upgrades as well and came back again. And, in the last couple of months – Crypto Market has become one of the most secure markets on the Deep Web.

If judging by the market’s admins, we are to expect an even more secure SR 3.0; perhaps even the safest marketplace on the entire Deep Web! Allegedly, admins have lost a ton of coins, from lost revenue when they took the website down, but the only conclusion we could draw from this whole affair is that they apparently value their users’ security more than quick cash. This is a very good indication of the intentions of the admins.


Silk Road Here to Stay
According to the recent, quite dramatic, events on the Deep Web, the Silk Road brand is still far from dead. We have been witnesses of many Silk Roads coming and going; yet it is still THE most popular market name on the Darknet.

Just as a reminder, the original Silk Road was created by Ross Ulbricht, Dread Pirate Roberts, who took drug related ‘business’ to a whole new level and gave wings to hundreds of Darknet Markets that appeared soon after his own.

Ulbricht was a man of principle (or so people say) – he didn’t allow child pornography or weapons on his market, and the users appreciated this. Perhaps this is the reason it is so well loved.
After his arrest and downfall of the original market, many have tried to re-create the success he had achieved using the name Silk Road; so much, so it became a brand. We saw SR 2.0 (created and run by the rest of Ulbricht’s team), Silk Road Reloaded, etc.

It just goes to show that it will be impossible to kill the Silkroad brand; it has become an idea, a community, a following; and not just a mere website or marketplace everyone is nostalgic about.
We have already gotten used to SR setting standards on the Deep Web; and since this must be the very first silkroad market that came back from the dead – we believe it’s safe to say that we are to expect new levels in standards regarding users’ safety from this Silk Road 3.0.

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Ross Ulbricht, The Focus Of “Deep Web”

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silk Road 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. Silk Road 3 is up and running with a big selection of goods.

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On February 2015, a federal court in the Southern District of New York found Ross William Ulbricht guilty on all seven counts levelled against him. These charges were in connection with owning and operating Silk Road, a hidden website that allows people to procure all manner of illicit goods and services anonymously. Following this verdict, on May 29, 2015, the court handed him a life sentence without the possibility of a parole and ordered him to forfeit US $183,961,921.

Ross William Ulbricht

Through “Deep Web,” writer, actor and director Alex Winter, tells the story of this UT at Dallas graduate and former Eagle Scout turned Dead Pirate Roberts, the Silk Road mastermind. Aside from the intrigues of bitcoins and politics of dark web, this story gives an account of Ulbricht’s trial in his involvement in running the Silk Road in the dark net.

The dark net is an enciphered and hidden network that connects websites and servers that offer safe lines of communications and market havens for criminals, extremists, whistle-blowers and journalists who would otherwise not thrive in the overt digital systems. The real operators of the dark net such as Silk Road consider the development and flourish of unchecked online environment as a way of expressing political defiance.

Ulbricht’s story takes many unconventional turns and apes many not so typical ideas. While in college, he became fond of the ideas of Ludwig von Mises, a libertarian philosopher. Even during these early days, Ulbricht believed in the power of unbridged commerce. He expressed a desire to be able to use economic theory to help humankind fend off government aggression and coercion. In fact, federal prosecutors used this against him to prove that he indeed was Dead Pirate Roberts.

It is clear from the reasoning that the Silk Road mastermind was not just out to make money but rather establish a parallel economy well out of reach of simple decency and the confines of the law. Essentially, he was looking for a way of appending modern capitalism. His was an idea to create and help grow a community of commerce that completely defied government regulation and one that evaded this government intrusion as well.

Silk Road

The “Deep Web” highlights the life and governance systems that are possible in the age of a true digital era. The documentary pits a government with its justice driven by profits on one side and an internet riddled with secrecy and inscrutable tech jargon on the other side. While libertarians easily fall for the dark net’s easy way of life, its peer-to-peer bank-less commerce and shadowy digital communities, such an environment provides terrorists with a great cover to operate as they so wish. On the other hand, conspiracy theories and government-corporate schemes leave the common person with little faith in government-run and “right-leaning” institutions.

This situation creates a delicate environment too cumbersome to balance. While the dark net harbors the freedom that most people would prefer, it also fosters criminal activities and gives pedophiles, drug traffickers and terrorists just as much leeway. The Silk Road for instance, listed and helped people procure every possible illicit goods and services known to man.

The documentary interviews people on both sides of the divide include privacy experts, law enforcement officers and attorneys specializing in Internet Law to try to present Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht’s story in an objective perspective.

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The Mysterious Terrain Of Silk Road

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silk Road 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. Silk Road 3 is up and running with a big selection of goods.

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Once more, Alex Winter has proven himself as a thorough and dedicated researcher and documentary filmmaker. His newest release “Deep Web” is even far more convincing than the Downloaded (2013).

Ross Ulbricht
The topic of the movie, however, doesn’t cover the whole Deep Web, as the title suggests, but it’s narrowed to the whole Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts history. The Deep Web movie covers the complete story, from the foundation of the drug market website, to its final seizing and the conviction of its founder Ross Ulbricht.

As Winter says, Ulbricht was math and encryption enthusiast and the main idea behind the Silk Road network was to create secure and anonymous drug market and to stop violence in the drug selling world; not just between drug dealers themselves but the violence of FBI, DEA, LS and others who were in charge of the cases.

Silk Road Marketplace

The Silk Road was an ideal place to sell and buy drugs. It offered high anonymity and user reviews made sellers more reliable. It was the largest darknet market in existence and since it was operating with TOR and Bitcoin it was completely untraceable. What’s more, it had everything – heroin, opium, psychedelics …

But, when things got real and the millions of dollars went through the system, it became suspicious and first traces occurred.

One of the first breakthroughs was made, unintentionally, by a mother of a fourteen year old who was suddenly interested in snail mail delivery. She opened one of his mails and found a DVD box with crystal meth inside.

Homeland Security investigators started intercepting mail and shipments from all over the world and found mail full of drugs and currency, all linked to Silk Road. The FBI simultaneously started its own investigation and it took them two years to actually catch the culprit.

Lot of noise was made about FBI’s apparent illegal activities while tracing down the hosting servers in Iceland and Germany. It is believed that they are actually hacked but FBI never revealed its method.

Deep WebRoss admitted that he created Silk Road but he claimed that he wasn’t DPR, even though he was logged in into administrator panel of the website while being arrested. He claimed that the real DPR framed him.

One of the evidence that FBI used to link Ross Ulbricht to the Dread Pirate Roberts was a journal that was found on his laptop describing his involvement in the Silk Road and the bitcoins seized from his laptop came directly from the site.

Unfortunately, Winter wasn’t able to interview Ulbricht from prison because of the severity of the charges, however he did interviewed his family, friends and even the people involved directly in drug selling business.

To underline, Alex Winter has made an excellent documentary and didn’t not spare anyone, giving the complete insight of the story about a deep web, Silk Road drug market, and Ross Ulbricht and its definitely worth watching whether you are new to this topic or not.

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Things You May Not Know About The Deep Web

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silk Road 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. The best Darknet Market available is the Agora Marketplace. It has the best reputation and a bigger selection of goods than Silk Road 2.0.

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Not a part of the surface web, Deep Web is the vast section of the Internet that is not accessible using regular search engines, it become more well-known in 2013 when Silk Road was seized. Of some the strange things about it, here are 5 things you may not know about the Deep Web.

1. The Deep Web is Enormous

It is so large that it’s almost impossible to determine the exact number of the pages, or to provide a detailed imagery of things. In fact, the known Internet access makes up only about 10-15% of the total. This page does list a few thousand links.

2. It is Extremely Dynamic

Based on the rise and fall of markets and services, the URLs that are running today may not be available tomorrow or may be found elsewhere. The Deep Web is a lot more dynamic than the regular web, having frequently changing names and address schemes.

3. Accessed By Special Means

Access to the Deep Web can only be made through some special means, such as the Tor browser. Initially created for providing users with normal anonymous Internet usage, Tor is now used by activists and journalists to cross surveillance systems and censorships of their nations.

4. It’s A Secret Haven

It often plays the role of a safe place for sensitive information. Journalists use it as a highly accurate source of news that’s rare to find on the regular web. Numerous personal blogs, discussion forums and some radio stations also operate on the deep web.

5. It’s a match made in the world of malwares

It offers a command-and-control infrastructure for malware due to the hidden nature of websites and services like 12P and TOR. CryptoLocker is one of the malwares that encrypts the personal documents of an individual and redirects them to a website which requires them to pay in order to get access to those files.

Silk Road

Silk Road

Launched in 2011, Silk Road became the largest and most popular online black market for illegal sale-purchase of drugs. The site was shut down by the FBI in 2013 and arrested its creator, Ross Ubricht. On 2015, the mastermind behind Silk Road was sentenced to life in prison for creating and operating the Silk Road site.

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Biggest Silk Road Drug Dealer Sentenced To 10 Years

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silk Road 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. The best Darknet Market available is the Agora Marketplace. It has the best reputation and a bigger selection of goods than Silk Road 2.0.

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Dutch native Cornelis Jan Slomp, more popularly known by his moniker “SuperTrips” has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for being the biggest and most prolific seller of illegal drugs on Silkroad, an underground black market on the Deep Web.

Cornelis Jan SlompSlomp, 23, is a software developer who sold MDMA, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, amphetamine, Benzodiazepine, and marijuana in large quantities on the illegal and extensive online marketplace Silkroad. Slomp’s extensive range of drugs and highest earnings on the Silkroad site has earned him the title “The Pablo Escobar of Silkroad”. In his seller profile for SuperTrips, the 23-year-old boasted that he had “big stockpiles of product, you literally cannot empty me out.”

Slomp allegedly received a total of 385,000 bitcoins—the digital currency used on Silkroad—for his drug transactions. This translates to around $170 million or £111 M, an amount that is higher than any other seller on the Silkroad site.

Using only his laptop, a backpack, and his iPhone, the man behind SuperTrips was able to ship around 14 kilos of MMDA, four kilos of cocaine, 566,000 ecstasy pills, and other drugs to almost every continent via mail. Investigators finally tracked him down after discovering his fingerprints on the DVD cases that he used as drug containers in 2012. In 2013, he was arrested just before he got into his rented Lamborghini after arriving in Miami. He pledged guilty to drug trafficking in 2014, accepting a plea agreement with the hopes of getting a more lenient sentence than the maximum 40 years set by federal guidelines. Last May 2015, Slomp was sentenced to spend 10 years in prison with a recommendation to spend his time in Dutch prison.

Upon testimonial, Slomp claimed that he felt “ashamed and embarrassed” of his online crimes. He said his business pushed him to drug addiction and blamed the anonymity of the Internet for encouraging his illegal acts.

Ross William UlbrichtSilkroad was officially shut down in October 2013 following the arrest of the Silkroad founder, Ross William Ulbricht. Ulbricht was given a life sentence without parole just a day after Slomp.

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“Deep Web” Explores The Dark Net

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silkroad 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. The best Darknet Market available is the Agora Marketplace. It has the best reputation and a bigger selection of goods than Silkroad 2.0.

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Alex WinterDeep Web is a documentary film that has been created by Alex Winter. The documentary explores in detail the darknet marketplace Silkroad that has been closed down by the feds and the arrest of the Silkroad founder, Ross Ulbricht. The EPIX original documentary, unveiled at Montclair Film Festival, is scheduled to be premiered on May 31, 2015.

The documentary gives an inside look into this century’s most gripping digital crime saga; the arrest and conviction of the 30-year-old entrepreneur Ross William Ulbricht who created and operated Silkroad, an online black market, under the name “Dread Pirate Roberts”. The film on Silkroad also explores as to how the thought leaders and brightest minds behind the online black market and bitcoin are now caught in a legal tangle.

Deep WebIn addition, the “Deep Web” features the core architects of the deep web; anarchistic cryptographers who developed tools for the military during the early 1990s; the dissident whistleblowers who sought refuge in this environment which seemed to be secure initially; and others who contributed a great deal to the meteoric rise of Silkroad, which skillfully combined the deep web’s security with the cryptocurrency bitcoin’s anonymity.

Ross Ulbricht’s parents continue to fight for his release, saying that he was not only denied defense, but also not allowed to present certain witnesses in the Silkroad case. In the documentary, Lyn Ulbricht, Ross’ mother, talks about the miscarriage of justice that is going on against the supporters of the dark net and how the Prison Industrial Complex, War on Drugs, and annihilation of online privacy has colluded to imprison her son. The documentary also explores the future of the dark net.

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The Deep Web Drug Lab

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silkroad 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. The best Darknet Market available is the Agora Marketplace. It has the best reputation and a bigger selection of goods than Silkroad 2.0.

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Deep WebSilkroad was a pioneering influence in the growth of the illegal darknet sites. However, in an anonymous market ecosystem where sellers have no obligation to exercise any accountability, many darknet users buying illegal drugs can end up buying substandard products. However, DoctorX’s lab has established itself as a deep web regulator that has been offering legitimate information on the purity of drugs bought on the darknet since the Silkroad days.

DoctorX’s lab does free voluntary testing on drugs bought over the darknet, although Bitcoin donations are accepted from beneficiaries and supporters of this important service. Dr. Fernando Caudevilla is man behind the DoctorX operation. He takes on the role of DoctorX after coming home from his day job as a regular family doctor.

His services have earned him a lot of respect in the darknet. DoctorX has provided answers to over a thousand questions on the original Silkroad, Silkroad 2.0, and The Hub forums. The doctor also offers advice to users through his blog.

Silkroad 2.0 MarketplaceDoctorX’s lab services may have become famous because of Silkroad and Silkroad 2.0, marketplaces that have since being taken down, but his place as a darknet consultant is assured. Some of the drugs samples send to him to test include cocaine, speed, ketamine, and so forth. In addition to determining the purity levels in the drugs, DoctorX also tries to identify any adulterants that may have been introduced into the drugs, all with the goal of giving individuals objective and scientific information they need to make their own decisions with liberty and responsibility.

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The Documentary “Deep Web”

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silk Road 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. The best Darknet Market available is the Agora Marketplace. It has the best reputation and a bigger selection of goods than Silkroad 2.0.

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Deep Web The Deep Web documentary that premiered at SXSW delves into a story of Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht also known as the Dread Pirate Roberts.

You may call it the expedition of Bill & Ted. The Deep Web documentary is a brand new film about the darknet and its cyberhacker origins. The film is directed by Alex Winter featuring discreet vocal talents of the narrator. The Bill & Ted reunion is the most prominent defense of convicted Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht. The supporters say the feds sent him on a false journey of 30 yrs. to life.

Deep Web, which premiered a week ago at SXSW, projects beyond sharing of files and into the dark corners of the internet where governments, activists, journalist, hackers, including criminals anonymously trade information and ideas, leaving behind a trail of non-traceable ones and zeros.

Silk RoadJust within the confines of the deep web lies the TOR darknet, where absolute paradoxical entities just like the libertarian-minded darknet site, Silk Road. Silk Road represents the internet’s new dynamic and radical potential, it had been reported that there are 960,000 users and a whopping $1.2 billion in drug sales that are illegal. Nicolas Christin observes in the film that it really isn’t so much about selling drugs as such it’s about making the strong political statement.

Like the Silkroad creator, some claim to have spun the darknet marketplace of drugs as a crime reduction tool that took away drug transactions off the street at the same time lessening violence even more effectively than the actual America’s War on Drugs. In Deep Web, experts have argued that the Silk Road rating system and market philosophies forced accountability more from vendors.

Senator Charles Schumer uncovered the Silk Road in 2011, asking the government with immediate effect to close the online bazaar annually making millions in selling hard drugs, including some drugs which were mailed to teenage buyers.

Dread Pirate RobertsThe Dread Pirate Roberts wrote to defend that it was all about standing up for the rights of human beings and ensuring they don’t submit when they have not done any wrong. In less than two months later, Ross Ulbricht who was then 29 years of age was arrested in San Francisco Public Library in FBI sting operation and consequently charged with seven counts which included, computer hacking, money laundering and drug trafficking conspiracy.

His laptop had $28.5 million in bitcoins and chats logs including documents, which prosecutors said proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was running the Silk Road.

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The Silk Road Story Is Not Over Yet

ANNOUNCEMENT: Well it has happened! Another Silk Road Darknet Market has spawned after the demise of Silkroad 2.0. The new site is called Silkroad Reloaded and is utilizing different technology than its predecessors therefore a new guide for Silkroad Reloaded will be coming soon. In the meantime Agora Marketplace is still alive and kicking bigger than ever with more listings than Silkroad 2.0.

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Ross Ulbricht After Ross Ulbricht was found guilty of creating and operating the anonymous online marketplace Silkroad, in a federal case last month, most people thought that the Silkroad story had been put to rest. Apparently, the story is far from over, because Ulbricht’s mother made an appearance at South by Southwest, which takes place annually in Austin, Texas, which is Ulbricht’s hometown.

According to Lyn Ulbricht, the Silkroad case set a new precedent, which lowered the standards of the evidence that is required to obtain search warrants. She said that the case expanded the power that law enforcement authorities have to go through laptops, social media accounts, and email accounts. She believes that these expanded powers will have harmful implications for people’s civil protections, against cases that involve unlawful search and seizures, especially in the digital age.

One of the questions that Ulbricht’s case raises is just how far investigators can go, especially in cases concerning the internet, and if federal agents will have the authority to search or seize a foreign server, if they don’t have a warrant. According to Lyn Ulbricht, a case like her son’s will set a lot of precedents, ad influence a lot of future cases.

Lyn UlbrichtLyn Ulbricht also states that her son did not get a fair trial, because the decks had been stacked against him even before the trial started. She suggested that a powerful senator pressured the prosecution to get a conviction and make an example of her son, that the federal government waited until the last minute to give the defense access to evidence, and that the judge suppressed witnesses and information, that could have been used to challenge the prosecution.

She also stated that witnesses had come forward saying there were numerous people that went by the handle “Dread Pirate Roberts”, who all operated Silkroad, but the prosecutors zeroed in on her son, and unjustly painted him as the kingpin.

Lyn Ulbricht isn’t the only one that thinks that Ross Ulbricht was unfairly targeted as the mastermind behind Silk Road, filmmaker, Alex Winter, who directed “Downloaded,” the documentary about Napster, has directed a new documentary about Silkroad, called “Deep Web,” also feels like Ulbricht wasn’t given a fair trial, and that Silkroad was as much a political statement, as it was a venue to obtain drugs.

With his mom making the news rounds, the documentary Deep Web’s release, and his appeal of the initial judgement against him, Ross Ulbricht’s name will be in the news for some time, which means there are still a few more chapters in the Silkroad story, that are yet to be told.

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