“I am not Dread Pirate Roberts”, Mt. Gox Former CEO Denies

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Ross Ulbricht30-year-old Ross Ulbricht who is currently on trial for being the anonymous mastermind behind Silkroad, an online black marketsite dealing in drugs, has alleged that he is innocent and has been framed by Mark Karpeles, whom he who insists is the real “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Dead Pirate Roberts, name used to refer to the anonymous mystery man behind Silkroad.

Mark Karpeles, former CEO of Mt. Gox, a Bitcoin exchange, has protested and has been quoted as saying “I’m not a pirate or a fraudster”. Karpeles later took to Twitter to clarify what he meant by “pirate”, tweeting “I am not and have never been Dread Pirate Roberts.”

Joshua DratelUlbricht’s defense attorney, Joshua Dratel claims that the government has the evidence they need to prove that Karpeles, not Ulbricht is that mystery man behind Silkroad. In cross examination of Jared Der-Yeghiaya, Dratel read emails to the court which show that Der-Yeghiayan, lead investigator of the Silkroad case had collected sufficient evidence to accuse Karpeles of being the brains behind Silkroad.

While cross-examined by Dratel, Der-Yeghiayan, who is employed by Homeland Security, said that he had actively pursued Mark Karpeles as the alleged operator of Silkroad. In August 2013, less than two months before Ross Ulbricht’s arrest, he swore in an affidavit that it was highly likely that Mark Karpeles was the man they’d been looking for.

There are also allegations being made against Karpeles as it has been pointed out that Karpeles sounds exactly like the “Dread Pirate Roberts” did, in an interview back in August 2013. To add further fuel to these allegations being made against Karpeles, Der-Yeghiayan has testified that both silkroadmarket.org and tuxttele.com were registered and hosted under a Karpeles holding. In response to Silkroad allegations been made against him, Karpeles maintains that “he has nothing to do with Silkroad”.

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DHS Special Agent Went Undercover To Infiltrate The Silk Road

ANNOUNCEMENT: Well it has happened! Another Silk Road Darknet Market has spawned after the demise of Silk Road 2.0. The new site is called Silk Road Reloaded and is utilizing different technology than its predecessors therefore a new guide for Silk Road Reloaded will be coming soon. In the meantime Agora Marketplace is still alive and kicking bigger than ever with more listings than Silk Road 2.0.

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Jared Der-Yeghiayan first met with alleged Silk Road creator, Ross Ulbricht, at 3:16 pm on October 1, 2013. This was moments after Ross was arrested for his involvement in the notorious online drugs marketplace. But according to prosecutors, October 1 was not the first time they met; they were communicating long before that.

Homeland Security InvestigationsHomeland Security Investigations (HSI) begun investigating the illegal marketplace in 2012, and by July 2013, Jared Der-Yeghiayan took over as “Cirrus”, Silk Road moderator. Jared, a special agent with HSI based out of Chicago, on 14th of January, 2015, testified concerning his role in a sting that led to Ross Ulbricht’s arrest. The investigation department was then investigating Ross as a possible match for the chief operator of Silk Road, the Dread Pirate Roberts, which was based on information received from Gary Alford, who is working as a special agent with the IRS.

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Gary’s information has triggered yet another investigation that involved Thomas Kiernan, a computer scientist working with FBI (expected to testify soon), as well as Christopher Tarbell, known for his role in hacker Sabu’s arrest. HSI and FBI merger was crafted with main intent of operating a sting to capture Dread Pirate Roberts including “Smoking Gun”, which was an open laptop that logged into the admin page of Silk Road.

Mark KarpelesDer-Yeghiayan used codename “Cirrus” for almost 2 months and managed to access the encrypted Silk Road staff chat room, which was hosted by a Tor hidden service. This chat room gave Der-Yeghiayan the leeway to see when Dead Pirate Roberts was available online. It is from here that FBI secured a warrant to arrest Ulbricht in September 2013.

On September 30, Der-Yeghiayan arrived in San Francisco and on October 1, at around 12.00 pm, a team of around six law enforcement agents including Der-Yeghiayan, Kiernan, and Tarbell met at Café Bello. This café was just a few blocks from Ulbricht’s house and Jared had his laptop powered on, and connected to a mobile hotspot, so that he could monitor if DPR was available in that encrypted chat room.

Fortunately, Dread Pirate Roberts was logged in and Ross was at home. It took the team a few hours to disperse and position themselves across few blocks that included Ulbricht’s house, Café Bello, and San Francisco Public Library’s, Glen Park branch. Jared’s laptop was open and running the entire period since it was used to monitor Dread Pirate Roberts at the time, which was critical for the success of the sting. At about 2:45 pm, Dread Pirate Roberts logged out, showing that he was about to switch location. As Ulbricht crossed the street and went in Café Bello, he saw that it was crowded and walked out heading towards the library next door.

Kiernan followed Ulbricht inside while Jared remained outside with his laptop. Tarbell then rejoined Jared and directed the rest of the team to stay put as Jared, alias “Cirrus”, chatted with Dead Pirate Roberts asking him to check a customer support issue that required him to log on to the admin panel. Once he was in, Tarbell gave a green light to the agents who subdued Ross Ulbricht in a matter of seconds and seized his laptop. After his arrest, alleged Dread Pirate Roberts met Cirrus face-to-face on his way down stairs, and this took place at 3:16 pm.

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Dread Pirate Roberts Goes On Trial

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Ross Ulbricht When he graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2008, Ross William Ulbricht lost his divine interest in physics and chemicals and decided to engage in libertarianism; an economic theory promoting the abolishment of coercion and aggression among people. That is why he decided to create an economic simulation with the intention of giving people first-hand experience of what the world would be without complete use of force.

Ross Ulbricht alias Dread Pirate Roberts (a character in The Princess Bride) is the alleged owner and manager of an anonymous narcotics marketplace that has recently caught every headline – the Silk Road. It was fully encrypted as well as completely anonymous thanks to Bitcoin, which is impossible to crack and the main reason why the concept managed to stand beyond any government regulation – until in October 2013 when the Silk Road alleged kingpin was arrested. Bitcoin has since been put under scrutiny as the peer-to-peer anonymous currency that was used to promote criminal activity on Ulbricht’s site.

Since its inception in 2011, the Silk Road is said to have generated close to $1.2billion in annual sales. Before its closure, the Dread Pirate received $80million in commission just by running the site. He was later arrested following accusations on money laundering, conspiracy to traffic fraudulent IDs, narcotics trafficking and computer hacking, with a maximum sentence of up to life imprisonment. The most serious accusation among all these is taking part in “continuing criminal enterprise” also known as “the kingpin status”– a charge mostly reserved for top members of organized gangs including mafia bosses.

With the trial set to begin on 13 January in a New York courtroom, the verdict could turn out to be a legal landmark as many are eager to see how online crimes are investigated and punished. If Ross is actually found guilty, this could see online retailers such as eBay remain to be responsible for every item sold by its users. It could also lead to a shift of the paradigm where webmasters will be held responsible for any content shared over their pages by the vast network of internet users. Ross would become the first person in history to be sentenced in a court of law for crimes committed by other users of his website.

Ross Ulbricht on CourtRoss being sentenced based on the actions of Silk Road users would “put a chill on the internet”, this is according to Ulbricht’s mother Lyn who has taken the initiative of protesting against all charges directed to her son by fronting the “Free Ross” campaign that has so far raised donations worth $335,000. The parents together with 25 family members managed to raise a million dollars but the sitting Juge Katherine Forrest refused to grant bail and Ulbricht has since been held in Brooklyn jail.

Fortunately for Ross, the murder-for-hire allegations where it is alleged he paid undercover officers bitcoins totalling up to $500,000 to kill his enemies are not included in the original indictment but instead listed as surplusage (not formal charges) due to lack of evidence and therefore require no proof. January 13, 2015 is the date set for the commencement of the Silk Road trial.

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