Captcha Not Working on Silk Road 3.0

Users on the Silkroad 3.0 are complaining that they are having captcha issue on the site. Initially, captcha was working just fine, and one could even drag it into a new tab and jot it down.

However, a few moments later after submission people started noticing increased loading times, later followed by total rejection of their submitted data which was labeled as “incorrect.”

Putting the code on a new tab is also not working for most people; neither changing their Tor identity.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Silk Road 3.0 is BACK ONLINE and open for business. The team did a massive security overhaul on the site to try and make it more secure and anonymous.

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Silkroad 3.0 has developed a captcha problem that’s making it difficult for people to log in; the issue might have been caused by a temporary maintenance.
Silkroad 3.0 has developed a captcha problem that’s making it difficult for people to log in; the issue might have been caused by a temporary maintenance.

Most people are reporting total frustration and anxiety with this particular situation.

All attempts to log in simply result in a full restart of the page, followed by a message indicating that information provided is inappropriate.

Due to their frustration, many Silkroad 3.0 users have tried all manner of techniques to solve the captcha problem, such as using different VPN and image drag trick. But unfortunately, none of them has been successful.

Nevertheless, there are those who are more optimistic claiming that the servers might be down, and once they come back up again, things would be fine.

They say Silkroad 3.0 is probably doing some temporary maintenance work which will soon be over.

But this is unlikely considering that the Silkroad forum is also down.

Though things are not looking good for Silkroad 3.0 traders, there seems to have been a previous warning sign which people didn’t take quite seriously.

Silk Road 3.0 Captcha Not Working
Silk Road 3.0 Captcha Not Working

Before the captcha problem arose, the messaging system was slow, and there also seems to have been an increased surge of traffic, resulting in orders being queued long hours for processing.

These were clear indications that there was a problem somewhere forthcoming.

Most people who tried placing orders during this period before the Silkroad login issues emerged experienced hours of delay in processing, probably because there was a surge of too many individuals buying at the same time.

For a moment, some individuals were able to get past the captcha issue, though later on they were rebooted off and taken back to login page, which according to them was really weird.

It’s also emerging that there’s a site that can close down urls for up to four days, in order to track data typed in by users.

This is probably why people are finding it hard to access the Silkroad login page because the captcha code serves as a form of protection for the site.

However, not everybody is satisfied with these particular developments; they claim the problem has caused them a lot of money, particularly considering that they seem to be re-emerging over and over again with time.

As the issue persists, some people have tried getting into the Silkroad 3.0 site by using three different Tor identities, luckily one of the hidden searches showed a Silkroad page.

Though users could access it, the site looked strange and had a green background instead of the normal black and blue.

Some users could login in from their typical Silkroad 3.0 username and password, thus making it difficult to understand what was really going on.

Despite this, other users raised concern that it might be a fake replica of the Silkroad 3.0 and hence people should tread carefully.

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Silk Road 3.0, Will It Regain The Marketplace Left By DPR?

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silk Road 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. Silk Road 3 is up and running with a big selection of goods.

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Approximately five months after the original Silkroad founder, Ross Ulbricht, was sentenced to life imprisonment, another darknet site known as the Silk Road 3.0 has been attempting to use the Silkroad marketplace’s brand recognition to attract new customers. It follows in the footsteps of Silkroad 2.0 which was also closed in November last year by federal agents.

After a rather shaky start caused by assertions that it was a honeypot site created by FBI, Silkroad 3.0 has since grown to feature more than 100,000 users who trade in everything imaginable including cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. The latest reports show that it has around 2,500 drug listings, as well as other items like fake ID and stolen credit card details.


Their introductory page reads that the ite is an anonymous, professional and peaceful bazaar selling all types of products and services. The admin is honored to welcome users to their online community where everyone is truly free with no judgement, censorship or repercussions allowed.

Silkroad 3.0 follows the same blueprint that was started by its predecessors, using a similar title as that which Ulbricht used in his site. The portal employs a user rating policy to ensure that all products being sold are of the highest standards possible, this information is displayed on each seller’s profile page so that future buyers can decide where to buy their items. This system makes buying drugs through the net much safer than when doing so in person.

The Silkroad 3.0 continuously improves its operational security in order to stay ahead of cops who may want to close it. The high level of safety provided for traders has been key in ensuring growth and popularity of the site, despite its relatively few months of operation. Though law enforcement has shown great interest in Silkroad, sometimes even more than customers who buy drugs there, the site has still continued its operations uninterrupted due to the tough security measures it employs.


Benthall and Ulbricht
This website is continuing the legacy that was left behind by Ulbricht and Benthall following their incarcerations, which according to the admin was meant to instill fear as opposed to serving justice. Those who work for it say that their operations are a matter of balancing risk and reward, since cops are still on their case despite the current peace being enjoyed. Users are assured of flexible trading hours since Silkroad 3.0 is available throughout the day and night.

Being an online crypto market for narcotics, the portal can only be accessed by those who use Tor hidden service. Nevertheless, Silkroad 3.0 isn’t an absolutely new marketplace, but was already existing by the name of Diabolus Market where it operated as a “cannabis only” platform before the rebranding. Which was meant to capitalize on public interest triggered by news of the original Silkroad. During its launch, the new administrators claimed that they were actively working with a former staff member of Silkroad 2.0, though this information has not been confirmed yet.

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