Silk Road Drugs – Be safer when looking for suspicious goods.

So you want to see the Silkroad? I in no way condone or promote any illegal activity and this website is only meant to be used for educational purposes as most of the items for sale on the Silkroad market are illegal. I also aim to give you some advice on how to be a little bit safer in finding the Silkroad online marketplace by being more anonymous and harder to trace as well as trying to sho­w you ways to make it harder to be scammed.

Before you go anywhere and do anything or look to purchase any products including legal drugs there is a piece of advice I would like to give you that I think everyone should think about. All of the tools you need to use in order to do anything on the Silk Road like Bitcoins and Tor browser are possibly under surveillance by organisations around the world so if you are a little paranoid like myself then it would pay to be that little bit more cautious. Whenever you have an online market freely selling such things as cocaine, marijuana, oxycodone, heroin, methamphetamine, extacy, MDMA, all types of drug paraphernalia etc. then the authorities around the world are going to be monitoring it very closely and we now know that the NSA in the USA are monitoring all internet traffic so everyone should use a proxy service to hide your identity.

I cannot stress how important it is to set up a proxy service before doing anything. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up. By using this type of service it will give you the appearance of a new IP address (essentially your computer address that can be traced quite easily). There are many different proxy services out there and i found a website that has found some great ones here at

Another tip useful tip before buying anything on the Silk Road especially perishable goods is to buy from local sellers. This will minimize the risk of you not receiving the goods in the mail. Once they travel from one country to another then the risk is greatly increased and in most cases the penalty if you are caught with those perishables would be a lot greater.

When purchasing anything on the market, be sure to use an escrow service to minimize the chance of getting scammed. If the seller doesn’t want to use one then walk away.

At the moment the Bitcoin market is extremely volatile. If you are only going to the Silk Road to find one or two things then only get enough to get what you need. You may look at the market and think to stock up and make some money on the price fluctuations but you may also end up losing big time. This currency was not set up to be traded like an investment, so don’t treat it like one. It is just a way to buy things on the Silk Road like drugs and erotica items anonymously. The price of legal drugs and other items in Bitcoins will fluctuate a lot also to reflect the price in money.

So weather you are looking for The Silkroad to satisfy your curiosity, looking for some pain medication without the need for a prescription or just want to check it out for yourself,  just remember to always take precautions and be safe. Please also remember that when buying items on Silk Road you might not get what they advertise, you may be getting something else completely such as the wrong drug or even poison. You should always test what you get and be careful.

Assortment of drugs available on the Silk Road

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Silkroad Drugs – Whats it all about?

The Silkroad is an online marketplace where they sell absolutely ANYTHING! When I say anything, I mean anything. They sell stuff from knitting needles to the best cocaine you have ever had. If you are like most people looking for this hidden website then you are really looking for Silk Road and it astonishes me at the amount of different items you can buy and the variety of different sources.Silkroad drugs home

You can go to the Silkroad market and proceed to search for any drug that you want from ecstasy to cocaine to pure MDMA. The selection and assortment is endless, you will always find what you are looking when looking for silkroad drugs. The price will depend on such things as the quantity, quality, source etc. and everything is posted. This is beneficial to some recreation drug users because they will no longer have that feeling of being unsafe when going to score and you won’t have the risk of getting ripped off either as the money, bitcoin currency is used, will be transferred into an escrow account and only released when you receive the goods. The Silkroad online market is truly a breakthrough in the way you can now buy and sell drugs as it completely minimizes some of the risks take when having a lifestyle where you enjoy the use of drugs.

As some of the items traded in this marketplace such as Silk Road Drugs are highly illegal, the site is not a traditional one where you just go to, if it were like that then the Police would have shut it down a long time ago. In my site I am going to disclose such things as the methods on how to find the silk road, how you may purchase legal items, how it all works and what precautions you should take to be the safest you possibly can.

Silkroad drugs selection

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