The Baltimore Silk Road Task Force

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Silk Road SeizedIt’s now emerging that there has been corruption at the investigative task force of Baltimore charged with handling the Silk Road. Though there have allegations on credibility of officers involved in this case, it’s only recently that credible evidence has surfaced to back up these reports. Two former federal agents overseeing the case were not actually working towards arresting the culprits, but rather abusing law enforcement privileges by colluding with some of the suspects at a fee.


The complainant is charging them with different crimes including money laundering, wire fraud, stealing of government property, and conflict of interest. The Silk Road Task Force of Baltimore was established to run parallel to the main probing team, with an aim of establishing other direct and covert communication lines with DPR.

These two feds are accused of widespread misconduct, calculated corruption and abuse of office. Even the manner in which the “pretend hit” that led to Ulbricht’s arrest was done has been questioned, of course taking into consideration that these corrupt agents were in the frontline of it all.

Something that has been called as a calculated and concerted case of corruption, rather than “opportunism” as most member of the public are meant to believe. The officials were laundering money using accounts set up in far-flung areas such as Panama, all in a bid to escape prying eyes from local anti-fraud authorities. But their days were numbered and they have now been cornered, each one of them is facing serious crimes charges that could eventually lead to imprisonment.

BitcoinThey made away with an estimated $1 million worth of bitcoin currency and hard cash through their fake wire transfers. But one of the former agents, Carl Force, was not wise enough and went on a huge spending spree. Immediately after the heist, he paid his home mortgage in full, repaid a government loan, invested in real estate and opened E-Trade accounts all within a short duration of time. People around him started to grow suspicious about where he got all the money from, they reported the matter to anti-corruption authorities who launched further investigations. The fraudulent DEA’s bank account was traced and found to be holding huge sums of unexplained financial resources, after a small scrutiny it was finally concluded that his ill-gotten wealth was due to mishandling the Silk Road case. Another thing that gave him out is using fake ID documents to register with the Bitstamp virtual currency exchange platform, his application was rejected even though he claimed it was his “undercover identity”.