The Dark Web And The Silk Road Marketplace

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FBIStudies show that a typical web user can only access 0.03% of all available online content; the other portion is hidden and comes in form of dark web sites such as the Silk Road. It’s impossible to access these portals through regular browsers, only a special search engine known to users can perform this task and Tor is one of them. Recently, file downloads from this program have been on a sharp increase amidst speculations that both US and UK Intelligence agencies are actively monitoring standard web traffic.


Silk Road is one of the most successful dark web stories, it was run by an administrator who went by the pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts” but was soon discovered and shut down by FBI agents in 2013. The site was relaunched, Silk Road 2.0, but in 2014 it was also shut down and arrested its alleged operator as part of “Operation Onymous”. The original Silk Road creator,  and is currently facing a court conviction.

There are many other dark web marketplaces similar to Silk Road which operates as “onion domains”, which means that the service provider and user constantly remain anonymous throughout a search session. Their physical location and browsing history can be difficult to trace. This phenomenal poses a huge security threat since criminals can trade anything online, including drugs and weapons.

DarknetAccording to one security researcher, there are currently more than 300 criminals arrested who had been operating on darknet sites similar to Silk Road. The expert further says that this is just a drop in the ocean, since there are many other felons who use such underground platforms to conduct illicit businesses.