The Deep Web Drug Lab

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Deep WebSilkroad was a pioneering influence in the growth of the illegal darknet sites. However, in an anonymous market ecosystem where sellers have no obligation to exercise any accountability, many darknet users buying illegal drugs can end up buying substandard products. However, DoctorX’s lab has established itself as a deep web regulator that has been offering legitimate information on the purity of drugs bought on the darknet since the Silkroad days.


DoctorX’s lab does free voluntary testing on drugs bought over the darknet, although Bitcoin donations are accepted from beneficiaries and supporters of this important service. Dr. Fernando Caudevilla is man behind the DoctorX operation. He takes on the role of DoctorX after coming home from his day job as a regular family doctor.

His services have earned him a lot of respect in the darknet. DoctorX has provided answers to over a thousand questions on the original Silkroad, Silkroad 2.0, and The Hub forums. The doctor also offers advice to users through his blog.

Silkroad 2.0 MarketplaceDoctorX’s lab services may have become famous because of Silkroad and Silkroad 2.0, marketplaces that have since being taken down, but his place as a darknet consultant is assured. Some of the drugs samples send to him to test include cocaine, speed, ketamine, and so forth. In addition to determining the purity levels in the drugs, DoctorX also tries to identify any adulterants that may have been introduced into the drugs, all with the goal of giving individuals objective and scientific information they need to make their own decisions with liberty and responsibility.