The Documentary “Deep Web”

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Deep Web The Deep Web documentary that premiered at SXSW delves into a story of Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht also known as the Dread Pirate Roberts.


You may call it the expedition of Bill & Ted. The Deep Web documentary is a brand new film about the darknet and its cyberhacker origins. The film is directed by Alex Winter featuring discreet vocal talents of the narrator. The Bill & Ted reunion is the most prominent defense of convicted Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht. The supporters say the feds sent him on a false journey of 30 yrs. to life.

Deep Web, which premiered a week ago at SXSW, projects beyond sharing of files and into the dark corners of the internet where governments, activists, journalist, hackers, including criminals anonymously trade information and ideas, leaving behind a trail of non-traceable ones and zeros.

Silk RoadJust within the confines of the deep web lies the TOR darknet, where absolute paradoxical entities just like the libertarian-minded darknet site, Silk Road. Silk Road represents the internet’s new dynamic and radical potential, it had been reported that there are 960,000 users and a whopping $1.2 billion in drug sales that are illegal. Nicolas Christin observes in the film that it really isn’t so much about selling drugs as such it’s about making the strong political statement.

Like the Silkroad creator, some claim to have spun the darknet marketplace of drugs as a crime reduction tool that took away drug transactions off the street at the same time lessening violence even more effectively than the actual America’s War on Drugs. In Deep Web, experts have argued that the Silk Road rating system and market philosophies forced accountability more from vendors.

Senator Charles Schumer uncovered the Silk Road in 2011, asking the government with immediate effect to close the online bazaar annually making millions in selling hard drugs, including some drugs which were mailed to teenage buyers.

Dread Pirate RobertsThe Dread Pirate Roberts wrote to defend that it was all about standing up for the rights of human beings and ensuring they don’t submit when they have not done any wrong. In less than two months later, Ross Ulbricht who was then 29 years of age was arrested in San Francisco Public Library in FBI sting operation and consequently charged with seven counts which included, computer hacking, money laundering and drug trafficking conspiracy.

His laptop had $28.5 million in bitcoins and chats logs including documents, which prosecutors said proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was running the Silk Road.