The Fake Execution Of A Silk Road Employee

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Curtis Clark GreenFor years, Curtis Clark Green roamed freely in the illegal online marketplace, the Silk Road. He passed off as “Chronicpain” or “Flush” and assured other users that he could get them drugs like oxycodone and oxymorphone. In his own admission, the drug area was not a new one to him, as he admitted to plying the trade “for years” on mail .Over time, he developed close camaraderie with the owner of the site, who went by the handle the “Dread Pirate Roberts”. As the investigation on Ross Ulbricht’s connection to the Silk Road continues, revelations are emerging that Green was an administrator at the marketplace.


When law enforcement made the connection between the Silk Road and Curtis Green, they set up a dragnet and busted him for accepting drugs from an inspector who posed as a Silk Road dealer. Believing that he had been compromised, the Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR) ordered a hit on Flush. At the other end, the alleged “hit men” took charge of the situation, whose goal was to shut Chronicpain once and for good. Unknown to DPR, believed to be Ross Ulbricht, the alleged gun for hire was an agent working undercover for the government. The agent had managed this feat by posing on the site as a dealer offering said services.

BitcoinAccording to existing evidence, DPR paid for the “hit” in terms of bitcoins. The alleged sum, 40,000 bitcoins, went directly to a government account and plays a huge part in the Silk Road trial.

Government agents then set about convincing DPR that the hit had indeed taken place. They staged a murder, in which they showed Curtis Green sprawled, apparently dead by asphyxiation. After the confirmation, the online drug kingpin paid the rest of the agreed amount and took online to tell another user, CC-2, that the employee had been “wasted”.