The Silk Road Story Is Not Over Yet

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Ross Ulbricht After Ross Ulbricht was found guilty of creating and operating the anonymous online marketplace Silkroad, in a federal case last month, most people thought that the Silkroad story had been put to rest. Apparently, the story is far from over, because Ulbricht’s mother made an appearance at South by Southwest, which takes place annually in Austin, Texas, which is Ulbricht’s hometown.


According to Lyn Ulbricht, the Silkroad case set a new precedent, which lowered the standards of the evidence that is required to obtain search warrants. She said that the case expanded the power that law enforcement authorities have to go through laptops, social media accounts, and email accounts. She believes that these expanded powers will have harmful implications for people’s civil protections, against cases that involve unlawful search and seizures, especially in the digital age.

One of the questions that Ulbricht’s case raises is just how far investigators can go, especially in cases concerning the internet, and if federal agents will have the authority to search or seize a foreign server, if they don’t have a warrant. According to Lyn Ulbricht, a case like her son’s will set a lot of precedents, ad influence a lot of future cases.

Lyn UlbrichtLyn Ulbricht also states that her son did not get a fair trial, because the decks had been stacked against him even before the trial started. She suggested that a powerful senator pressured the prosecution to get a conviction and make an example of her son, that the federal government waited until the last minute to give the defense access to evidence, and that the judge suppressed witnesses and information, that could have been used to challenge the prosecution.

She also stated that witnesses had come forward saying there were numerous people that went by the handle “Dread Pirate Roberts”, who all operated Silkroad, but the prosecutors zeroed in on her son, and unjustly painted him as the kingpin.

Lyn Ulbricht isn’t the only one that thinks that Ross Ulbricht was unfairly targeted as the mastermind behind Silk Road, filmmaker, Alex Winter, who directed “Downloaded,” the documentary about Napster, has directed a new documentary about Silkroad, called “Deep Web,” also feels like Ulbricht wasn’t given a fair trial, and that Silkroad was as much a political statement, as it was a venue to obtain drugs.

With his mom making the news rounds, the documentary Deep Web’s release, and his appeal of the initial judgement against him, Ross Ulbricht’s name will be in the news for some time, which means there are still a few more chapters in the Silkroad story, that are yet to be told.