Top Silk Road Drug Trader Sentenced To Almost Six Years In Jail

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Matthew Verran JonesThe Silk Road drug trader, Matthew Verran Jones, better known by his nickname CALIGIRL, has been sent to trial and has received a sentence of almost six years in prison (five years and 10 months). The man, who is originally from Dallas, Texas, pleaded guilty in August to selling high-risk illegal drugs on the well-known Silk Road website, which has served as his online drug marketplace.


Matthew Verran Jones was apparently leading a double life and had a reputable career in the software industry –the sentenced drug dealer was the chief technology officer for a software company known as Data Paradigm, in his day to day life. At the same time, he also made some extra money on the side by trading illegal drugs on the Silk Road. As a matter of fact, he was considered to be in the top 5% most renowned sellers on this website, until the FBI has shut down the site in November.

DEA AgentsAccording to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Matthew Verran Jones often travelled to Colombia to meet with his drug providers – it is here where CALIGIRL used to get his merchandise from. After bringing the illegal high-risk drugs into the United States, he started selling them online. DEA agents said they made two undercover buys from the Silk Road account of CALIGIRL, and then arrested Jones on his way back from Colombia. Upon his arrest, the authorities have found no less than 8,500 oxycodone pills in his possession. More than $70,000 in cash and other illegal drugs, from cocaine and hash to methamphetamine and prescription drugs, as well as a makeshift drug laboratory that Jones was using regularly were found when federal agents searched his home in Dallas, Texas.