Ulbricht Has Appealed Against His Conviction And Sentence

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The Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht better known as “Dread Pirate Roberts” has appealed against his life imprisonment sentence which was handed down by Judge Katherine Forrest. This is according to court documents filed on 4th June 2015.


Ross William Ulbricht His case has drawn lots of interest from people all across the globe, including celebrities such as Russell Brand who has openly said that Ross Ulbricht has nothing to do with the allegations put against him, and is therefore right to file for a retrial.

The trial has also brought Tor Onion Network into question, with many people talking about its merits such as maintaining online privacy for web users which is a fundamental right for everyone. Those who are in support of the appeal argue that helping people to become anonymous is by no means a crime, and that’s what Ulbricht intended to do with the Silk Road. He wrote in his journal that the Silk Road idea was all about creating a site where people could purchase anything they want anonymously, with no trails leading back to them.

Earlier on, Ross Ulbricht had requested for a lighter sentence with some “light at the end of the tunnel” as he put it in writing.  But Judge Forrest rejected Ulbricht’s plea. He was also ordered to pay more than $183 million in restitution, the estimated total sales from Silk Road.

Joshua DratelRoss Ulbricht is represented by New York based lawyer Joshua Dratel, who has filed the appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Dratel is appealing the guilty conviction and the lifetime sentence. However, if the appeal is unsuccessful, Ulbricht will unquestionably serve life sentence in prison.