Mother Of Alleged Silk Road Mastermind Blasts US Drug War And The Growing Scope Of Online Surveillance

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Silk Road MarketplaceIf you have been paying attention at all to the darker fringes of the internet, there is a good chance that you have heard of the Silk Road. This website hidden in an anonymous area of the web has caused quite the stir recently, including a rather high profile bust by US authorities.



Ross UlbrichtLyn Ulbricht’s Son Ross was arrested in San Francisco in 2013 for allegedly being the mastermind behind the Silk Road. The site according to some was a bastion for private drug deals and even hiring hit men. It used the virtual currency bitcointo make transactions difficult to trace. Needless to say a site like this will attract the attention of the authorities.

Lyn has had a lot to say about the recent events that include her son. She was recently at a gathering of interested people to discuss the dark web, including sites like the Silk Road, and the increasing scope of government spying and surveillance. She defended her son claiming that prosecutors were making unfounded allegations of murder against her son. She said that they have effectively “poisoned the trial”.

She was also critical of the US Governments controversial War on Drugs. She discussed wondering if it has simply been a great excuse to expand the prison systems, referring to it as a “prison industrial complex”. She added that if this was the goal they have been successful at achieving it.

Her blasting of the US Authorities included delving into online surveillance and privacy. She accused the FBI of using illegal methods of gaining entry to the servers that ran the Silk Road, including hacking their way in. Overall, the conversation showed how law enforcement’s tries to police a borderless online realm and called the US Authorities out for continuing to increase the areas that it places under its blanket of surveillance.