US Senator Has Called For A Crackdown On The Dark Web

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United States Senator Charles SchumerRecently, United States Senator Charles Schumer, New York, called for a major crackdown on the dark web. Since the original Silkroad shutdown, he has been concerned about the presence of illicit marketplaces on the internet. Even though the government shut down Silkroad, there’s still a need to regulate the internet.

Charles Schumer wrote an open letter to the Attorney General Eric Holder. On 27th October, the letter was published by the Senator’s office. In the letter, Charles Schumer pledged to both continue the demand for increasing oversight on various technologies facilitating illicit activities, and secure extra funding for anti-dark web policies.


The letter mentioned that Bitcoin and Tor network work as the primary mechanisms used by anti-social elements, hackers and criminals to conceal drug trade around the world. In another statement, Schumer reported that he expects the United States Justice Department to make more efforts against illegal drug trade. He emphasized the need for additional funds.

Until now, the Senator from New York has sent some mixed messages about the digital currency industry. For instance, Charles Schumer has openly voice his opinions against Bitcoin. He even called this technology the primary tool for money launderers. However, about a year ago, Schumer tweeted about the promising future of the digital currency. In recent times, Schumer has refrained himself from giving any direct comments to the Press.

Schumer Voices Opinion Against the Dark Web

In the open letter to the Attorney General, the United States Senator reported that advanced encryption methods have allowed illicit marketplaces to easily function even after the Silkroad shutdown. In recent years, the number of websites like Silkroad offering illicit drug sales and purchases has grown substantially. The research was conducted after the Silkroad shutdown.

Schumer had some strong opinions about the dark web, and wanted the Attorney General to take strong action against the culprits. He even claimed that law enforcement agencies in both the United States and other countries weren’t doing enough to completely stop the threat. He said there weren’t enough people in authorities to target these illicit websites.

In a statement released to the Press, Schumer’s office said that the funding would go toward hiring a lot more cybercrime experts. They will be assigned specific positions at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department. These experts will also be assigned to jobs in various agencies in New York. Schumer called the situation a chronic staffing issue. He says such issues encourage drug traffickers using marketplaces like Silkroad.

Drug Markets like Silkroad Could Continue Rising

Silk Road SeizedIt’s worth mentioning that the Senator’s letter didn’t outline any steps beyond asking for more funding to fight of the dark web. However, the New York Senator accepted that there were too many complications associated with the process of investigating any drug related crime. He even accepted that Federal authorities lack a lot of resources required to effectively address the issues.

According to Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Macquarie University, James Martin, there has been significant growth in dark web markets. In fact, the pattern is quite similar to general technological growth. Thus, Martin believes that online drug markets like Silkroad will continue to rise in future.

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