What is on Crypto Market

logoCrypto Market is a relatively new dark web marketplace which is rapidly growing thanks to its security, reliability, attractive design and easy navigation. In case you haven’t heard, Crypto Market is designed by the same team of developers that also runs Silk Road 3.0. If you have been a fan of Silk Road 3.0, you will definitely find the Crypto Market a more than suitable alternative.

What’s certain is that Crypto Market has brought a new level of security to the Dark Web. Indeed, the security is impressive and it starts with the sign-up procedure, where you are prompted to use the PIN code. This will also be useful later when you withdraw your bitcoins. You are also prompted to enter the 10-alphanumeric part of the URL (found between crypto and .onion).

xxxxYou may have also noticed a novelty called Newbie Guide. This is something that other markets don’t have and if you are new to Dark Net Markets, Crypto Market may just be the ideal choice for you; and not just because of this Newbie Guide, but in general – it’s quite easy to find everything you’re looking for. This Newbie Guide will provide a basic set of instructions and information which you will find very handy once you create your account.


After you’ve created your account and logged in, you will first see the News section which mainly features information related to the market, and of course product categories listed just below the news. Vendors themselves often publish updates of their services in the News section; but the Support team also publishes important announcements from time to time.

If you scroll down through categories, you’ll see that the Crypto Market is mostly drug related; there are several main drug categories (Cannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Opioids, Benzos, Dissociatives, Psychedelic, Prescription) and then there’s also a category called “Others,” which further features subcategories such as Digital, Bitcoin, Accounts, Money, Software, Misc, eBooks, Services, Others.

Drug related categories are further subcategorized in the following way: (numbers in brackets show the current number of listings)

Cannabis Stimulants Ecstasy Opioids
Weed (6215)
Hash (748)
Edibles (244)
Concentrates (353)
Seeds (195)
Others (5941)
Stimulants (503)
Cocaine (1525)
Speed (835)
Meth (488)
Ecstasy (1056)
MDMA (1283)
Methylone (142)
Pills (1016)
Opioids (636)
Oxycodon (616)
Heroin (896)
Opium (75)
Methadone (93)
Fentanyl (194)
Benzos Dissociatives Psychedelic Prescription
Benzos (612)
Valium (184)
Xanax (695)
Diazepam (81)
Dissociatives (45)
Ketamine (583)
MXE (58)
GHB (99)
Psychedelic (312)
2C (138)
DMT (158)
LSD (562)
NB (90)
Mushrooms (285)
Prescription (1899)
Steroids (454)
Relaxants (63)
Analgesics (38)


So, as you can see, navigation on Crypto Market is fairly simple – you can either browse through categories or simply search by keyword. A powerful search filter will enable you to specify your query according to shipping and payment option (escrow or finalize early).

Obviously, the total number of drug listings is huge, and the market features almost any drug in existence!

However, it feels important to us to stress out at this point that these are all illicit drugs and we are certainly not encouraging you to venture into any illegal activity.

The price will vary depending on the vendor, as well as the quality and the origin of the item. The general rule is that if you are buying from a vendor who lives in the western hemisphere, you will have to pay more; and vice versa, it will cost you less if your vendor is from a country located in the eastern hemisphere. This is related purely to the economical status of the country.

Perhaps more interesting category is “Others.” You can even find some legal stuff here, such as books or cigarettes and cell phones.

You can get 15 GB worth of Photoshop templates for mere $15! Also in just $1 you can learn how to rank your YouTube videos better; if you’re into smoking, look for naturally grown tobacco – 80G (which is about 170 cigarettes) for just $12 and since the tobacco is grown in Spain, the shipping will be free if you’re from the EU!

qZtjvImMA Lifetime Netflix subscription is also available for just $0.6! Or if you’re into that, you can get a premium access to some adult websites for just $5; there are also lists of .onion URLs that you might find interesting; various guides for various frauds, like carding or hacking are also on the market here.

But, the Crypto Market offers plenty more for both, vendors and customers:

  • First of all, there is a secure option of paying through escrows; but for trusted vendors, there is an FE (Finalize Early) option.
  • Vendors also have the option of publishing news, particularly useful when they have new products or new stock supply available.
  • Customers have a handy option of tracking their orders; if you don’t have anything to track, it says – It is empty and cold as the Russian winter, comrade!
  • Probably the most interesting feature on Crypto Market is the “Sales” section. You can find various items on discount which can save you some cash.
  • Another very cool feature is the ability to track your activity on the website.
  • Also, you have a Q & A section where you can ask the community various questions; they’re always happy to help. But, before asking, it is always advisable to check whether someone has already asked that particular question. It’s good manners and also helps keep things organized and not overcrowded with same questions.
  • Finally, you can always head to the community forum. It has now merged with the Silk Road 3.0 community forum, and here you will find a number of threads about vendors, their products and services, shipping, security, accounts, anything really.


We must note that we are not encouraging people to buy anything illegal from the Crypto Market; the purpose of this article is purely informational.