Will The Arrest Of The Ex-Feds Help Ulbricht’s Case?

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Ross UlbrichtCarl Force, a former Drug Enforcement agent, and Shaun Bridges, a former Secret Service agent, who helped the government shut down the online drug marketplace Silk Road have been charged with stealing Bitcoins from the darknet market during the course of the investigation. However, the criminal complaint filed against the two federal agents is definitely not the Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card that the convicted Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht’s defense is looking for even though the voluminous accusations are disturbing.


However, this can torpedo the murder-for-hire and make it far more complicated. Further, this good news/bad news situation could disturb the sleep of several unidentified drug dealers on the Silk Road. This is because the fed is likely to track bitcoins much more seriously than before as a result of the charges filed against Force and Bridges. Unfortunately, the case would not either help start a new trial or affect the murder-for-hire charge against Ross Ulbricht in any manner whatsoever for the following reasons:

The prosecution has already convinced the judge that the behavior of Force was not exculpatory to the defense. Therefore, the argument that Force made an attempt to frame Ulbricht becomes irrelevant.

The arrest of the feds is not something out of the blue; it was a development that was already under consideration.

In the New York investigations, Force was not involved. While the investigation at New York was focused on identifying the server and technical analyses, the focus of the Maryland case was infiltration into Silk Road. The two teams were not on speaking terms.

The prosecution in New York did not bring up the references to the murder-for-hire case in order to show criminal intent because of double jeopardy concerns.

In simple terms, accusation by the defendant that another person other than him/her has also committed a crime does not hold ground in the absence of any evidence of connection between the crime and the perpetrators. Further, the context is also important.